Spray Painting

Lewisham Smash Repairs also helps when it comes to spray painting for cars. We ensure the highest standards in our vehicle repairs and spray painting. We have the cleanest facility that is fully equipped with the latest form of technology at a price that you can get. We offer touch up spray painting, full car spray painting, alloy wheel powder coating, private car repair and a lot more.

Quality Car Spray Painting!

Do you want your vehicle to look new after being damaged or scratched? Lewisham Smash Repairs will do the job for the entire paint job! We can do complete overhauling as well as fresh coat painting for your car that will surely make a world of difference due it its aesthetic appearance. Spray painting is a technique wherein a device is used to sprays a coating through the air into a particular surface following the right process ensures that your car or vehicle is safe and secured in the hands of Lewisham Smash Repairs. The Spray Painting Process involves the following:

  • Preparing – our skilled car painters first prepare your vehicle for spraying through rubbing the surface down with the use of aluminum oxide abrasive paper down in order to bare metal.
  • Stripping – areas to be painted should be dry and clean in this step. We will mask off the areas where
  • Painting – after preparing and stripping, the spray painting service is what completes the process. When everything is set, we will immediately proceed to the finishing process, in which we choose the color match for your car and then, apply it appropriately.
  • Quick Service and Response – Spray painting is indeed a time-consuming job. That is why Lewisham Smash Repairs makes it possible for you to have your vehicle painted faster than you expected.
  • Wide Range of Colors To Match Your Car – We have over 48,000 colors to match paint mixing service for your motorbikes or classic cars. We can accommodate different car models assuring to provide the best quality spray painting that meet your car requirements and interest.


How will I know when the repair of my vehicle is complete? -
Don’t worry for we will keep you advised throughout the repair procedure. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact is anytime for us to be notified on what you want for the restoration of your car.
If my vehicle undergoes spray painting, how much will it cost? -
It depends. If your vehicle have been abandoned or encountered severe damage that will take long for us to clean and strip your car, the cost might be higher than expected. However, we assure that it will not cost you a lot for we ensure to offer a price that compensate the kind of service you deserve.


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Sydney's Car Spray Painting Professionals!

We believe when the job is done it has to be done right, being a top accredited trusted smash repairer in sydney. We only use the highest quality equipment to help get your work done quickly smoothly ensuring your car has a top quality finish. We do all types of spray painting work, large and small jobs, including complete new spray painting jobs. Talk to us about your spray painting needs and just tell us what sort of paint job you want. You can give your car a whole new look, or get your paint job back to the original look, and we do custom detailing work too so call us today to find out more!

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Our trusted and credible smash repair service takes pride in providing only the best and quality service. We commit and put our full efforts into helping our customers in the event of a car accident from start to finish. You do not have to worry about the damages on your car, we can bring your car back the way it is before the accident. That is why Lewisham Smash Repairs has been considered one of the trusted and proven companies to provide smash repair services all round Inner West and Sydney.

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