Bumper Repair

For all those that are in need of bumper repair, you have come to the right place.Lewisham Smash Repairs provide services for your car damages such as bumper bar fixes, car restoration from its damages and a lot more. Bumper repair is one of our major smash repair services. The Scruffs, scrapes, scratches, gouges and dents occurring on your bumper can take away your vehicle’s appeal and value. This is something that you surely do not want to happen to your car. Instead of wasting your money for an expensive and complete bumper replacement, you can now choose Lewisham Smash Repairs and we can restore your bumper to its pristine condition.

Quality Bumper Repairs

Lewisham Smash Repairs along with trained technicians provides bumper repairs along with other smash repair services. Having years of experience dealing with minor car body repairs, our bumper repair services can be carried out in just a matter of repair time and cost. In fact, it will take few hours in order to repair your car's bumper professionally, which will enable you to save time and of course money. Here at Lewisham Smash Repairs, you can trust your bumper repair and expect to receive:

  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Complete Quality Bumper Repairs
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Will you be able to match up my vehicle’s current paint color?-
Lewisham Smash Repairs use best of kind paints which ensure that it will seem nothing has happened unto your bumped car.
What if I want to take my car to you and my insurance company won’t let me? -
You can choose where your vehicle goes, remember that you do not need to take it to particular smash repair company as your insurance company tells you.


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Types of Bumper Repairs

If you need work on scratches, dents, or other marks, our experts will fix any kind of external damage back to “as new” condition. The previous damage will be undetectable. We use the latest techniques, combined with a lot of experience, to make sure your car is looking fabulous.

About Us

Our trusted and credible smash repair service takes pride in providing only the best and quality service. We commit and put our full efforts into helping our customers in the event of a car accident from start to finish. You do not have to worry about the damages on your car, we can bring your car back the way it is before the accident. That is why Lewisham Smash Repairs has been considered one of the trusted and proven companies to provide smash repair services all round Inner West and Sydney.

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