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This page is to help our customers get answers to the common questions that we get asked on a regular basis. We achieve to do this on our website to ensure that customers receive quick answers to their questions 24/7 as we understand accidents can occur at anytime on the road. Though if you have any other enquiry, please feel free to get in touch via email or phone and we always are happy to assist you!

Do you accept credit cards or other payment methods?
We are taking all major credit cards. We can also take payment through EFTPOS, bank cheque or cash. We are accepting personal cheques as well as direct deposits to our bank account. However, it needs to be cleared and processed before picking up your vehicle.

Do you offer warranty on repairs?
Of course, yes! We are offering a lifetime warranty on all the manufacturer and workmanship for all authentic components.

In case, I am not to blame for the accident, will I be forced to pay an excess?
Once you have all the necessary information concerning the third party, there is no need for an excess to be applied to your insurance claim. Though it is still better to get your claim in your insurance coverage in order to stop all the hassles and delays that are connected with the third party claim of insurance. Let your insurance provider do the job for you!

What details do I need to provide you for smash repairs?
In Lewisham Smash Repairs, we require, if feasible, name and number of people involved in the accident and the exact name of your insurance provider. We will help with the documentation and claim processing in order to make the process as fast as we can.

Do I need to get in touch with more than one smash repair in order to obtain an estimate?
You do not need to get more than one quote for you to get approved with your claims on car insurance. Having one appraisal coming from your repairer is enough. Lewisham Smash Repair is one of the leading accredited repairers by several companies out there, so getting quote from us is enough!

Are quoted costs you provided possibly change?
Remember that a quote we give and provide is determined through visual examination of the vehicle. Therefore, there is a tendency that costs might change if in case we find more damage as soon as we dismantle the vehicle. Do not worry for we will let you know about such variations. In addition, variations might occur when parts prices have increased or changed by the time we buy and install them unto your vehicle. This instance is just common for we cannot control the parts prices.

How can I ensure that you are an accredited repairer for my insurance provider?
Over the years, we have been repairing insured cars and working with all the major insurance companies. You can check our website for you to know whom we have worked with and provided quality service to various car owners. We have our word to keep, wherein being a reputable repairer we assure you have come to the right place.

Can I get or request a quote for the repairs service online or over the phone?
Unfortunately no! Lewisham Smash Repair can be easily reached over the phone or online for queries, concerns and even emergencies, but not for cost estimate. Several factors and variables need to consider as regards to car repairs, and so the need to look at your vehicle as well as the total level of damage is necessary in order for us to give you a cost and the time frame for the service. You do not need to make an appointment just to get an estimate for we are available to serve anytime you come to our location between Mondays to Saturday and Sunday by appointment. We assure to get the quote done for you in no time!

How long will it take for the car restoration?
This depends on the type or level of damage your vehicle has. Most often, vehicles needs disassembly of certain impaired parts for us to determine the degree of the damage as well as the amount of time needed to complete the service.

What do I need to do once I get involved in a car accident?
Well, the best thing to do is to stop and once there is property damage or property damage involved, better call the police. Never accept legal responsibility unless with the presence of legal counsel. You can exchange address or names against other parties as well as witnesses if any. Moreover, you can obtain details on the particular insurance company. Lewisham Smash Repairs will assist and help you as regards to your insurance policy specification, assessments, etc. We are definitely your trusted and credible company to help you in such difficult situation. If ever your vehicle can no longer be driven, you can leave the job to us for an estimate. We can provide you immediate service giving you necessary claim forms and process claims right away.

Can I trust on-line quotes from smash repairs?
Bear in mind that web-based quotation is just made through photographic data and so it does not allow individuals to look at the vehicle through structural damage lying behind affected panels of the vehicle. If in case, you acquired internet quotation, the Lewisham Smash Repair will still have second look into your vehicle. This is to ensure that whatever included in the quote is indeed reliable. We recommend that you get a quote as soon as your vehicle is already on-site for an even more reliable quote.

Is there a need for me to notify my insurance provider before commencing repairs?
Yes, since your insurance provider will be paying for repair service fee that your vehicle accumulates. Once we give you the quote for the damage on your car, we will arrange with your insurance provider in order to examine the car as well as confirm necessary documents. After everything is settled with your insurance provider, Lewisham Smash Repairs can get started on the restoration or repair for your vehicle. We will arrange everything for you from notifying your insurance provider to restoring your vehicle efficiently.

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We always believe in efficiency as the best smash repair in sydney and we want our customers to be able to find out the answers they are looking for when it comes to an event of a accident, we have made this easy for you by creating a helpful FAQ section that is a guide to knowing how we can help you answer your questions not just on the phone but online as well. We are here for you to help you always throughout your difficult time during a car accident. We hope our FAQ will help you find your answers.

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