Pink Slips

Looking to take your vehicle for its rego inspection and perhaps wondering if there’s someone who can help you do just that?

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You probably understand the dire consequences that inherently arise from hitting the road with an unregistered vehicle. Aside from the fact that the car is apparently operating wrongly on the road, which directly means that it can be impounded, such a vehicle is deemed unfit. Every automobile must be registered before getting an insurance cover.

Authorised Inspection

At Lewisham Smash Repairs, we extend our array of proven auto services to include registrations and inspections along with the issuance of all relevant documents; Pink Slips. As an Authorized Inspection Station (AIS), here’s a list of services that we do to ensure that your car is ready for the insurance cover, and for the road.

E-Safety Check

As one of the officially known and authorized Inspection Stations, it is our role and mandate to help you register or renew your rego either online or by phone, hassle-free. We can, therefore, send the Pink Slips quickly and electronically to RTA, helping you leave our premises with a fully registered car.

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Pink Slip Inspections

You ostensibly understand that if any automobile that is over three years must be inspected before it’s registered. Lewisham Smash Repairs has a team mandated with performing thorough inspections that ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, and we have a reputation of doing that impeccably well.
When you get the notice advising you about the impending procedure, give us a call.

Pre Purchase Inspect Services

Professionals deliver our car pre-purchase inspection services, and the report will feature a comprehensive check-up. The pre-purchase inspection features:

  • An in-depth testing of all the mechanical components
  • Its bodywork
  • The paintwork including the understructure
  • Evidence of damages of shoddy repairs
  • The interior part of the vehicle
  • The entire electrical system for any fault codes
  • Road test


How long does it take to get a Pink Slip?-
If you have made an appointment to see Lewisham Smash Repairs, on your arrival - we can perform an inspection of your vehicle within Approximately 10 minutes. After the pink slip has been successfully completed your details are then sent to Roads & Maritime NSW for you to renew/register your vehicle.
Is Lewisham Smash Repairs an authorised inspection station for my car?-
Yes. Lewisham Smash Repairs is an authorised inspection station for your vehicle. If you ever need any help with your vehicle or have any questions about pink slips or rego, we are always here to help you.


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